As a client when you are done transacting by transferring funds to our bank account , our system and accountant will check and it will

reflect in your account balance.

Our bank detail has been listed in the Recharge - Bank Recharge page.

Payment Method

*Online: EFT, Credit Card , other bank app such as NED/Capitec/FNB App

*Bank Transfer/Offline: ATM, Bank


When you fill the correct reference number (Ref. No), most of the transaction would be done within 2 hours.

*Some cases may cause the delays like wrong Ref. No, workday off, holidays or local load shedding. If its not been reflected within 48 hours. Please upload your proof in the recharge check or you can send to your Ambassador to help check with.

*Recharge-Bank Transfer-Recharge Check

You can find the proof sample in that page as well, like a message or you app history which is clear for accountant to locate.

Reference number

One account one reference number. System recognize your account through these numbers.

A correct Ref can make the process run very smoothly.

For EFT, Credit Card don’t ask for the Ref. No. System will reflect automatically.

Other bank app may need to put in the Beneficiary Reference, Recipient Ref or Their Reference...


Use your own unique Ref No and keep the payment online. And avoid unnecessary off-line payment without our online supervise. If any online case happens you can contact us. Offline case we will cooperate with local police to investigate.

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